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    I don't ask you to make a lot of money, just hope you understand me and support me. So the scientific thinking observation, form a hypothesis and the ability to verify the conclusion is step by step, be short of one cannot, our ancestors have good observation, know the boss of abalone, who long to smell and the smelly, but there was no sufficient knowledge of the brain and the evolution, don't know the brain's resources are limited, brain is the main purpose is to make the organism to survive, When a new stimulus comes in, the brain immediately pays attention to it, and once it finds that it's not life-threatening, the brain directs its limited resources to the potentially dangerous new stimulus. It stops processing the familiar, so we don't smell it anymore.

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    I had to give it to him, but I always framed him in the world of freedom, and generously told him that I had given my son a big free space.The locust trees, acacia trees and paolonnia trees in the lane, pear trees, poplar trees and Chinese toon trees in the side of the house, and apricot trees, peach plums and walnut trees in the courtyard, all under the spring breeze and rain, change their cold and aloof temperament, and present delicate flowers and leaves to enhance their recognition, and make a sense of existence, and show off at will.Play European Roulette Online FreeOriginally things went smoothly, the village chief will be half of the estate, his wife Zhu LAN and his adopted son Tian Dashu each half, do not want to go halfway to bite the gold, Li Qi with Li Xiang to divide the estate."Said the waiter as he made us more tea.
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